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As a FrontRunner you will receive an ANCA text message on the day or days of your choice with a link to three of our highest-priority social media posts that you can choose to share on-line.

Signing up takes less than 60 seconds, helping out each week involves just a few minutes, and you can opt out at any time.

1. Sign up to receive ANCA FrontRunner text messages
Enter your Contact info and select the day(s) you would like to receive the text message(s)
2. Click the link in your text message
A mobile friendly page will load with images of specific ANCA Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts.
3. Share on your preferred social media platforms
1) Share, comment, and/or like the post on Facebook
2) Retweet and/or like the post on Twitter
3) Like or comment on the Instagram post and share your Instagram stories.
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